30 July 2017

As a way to de-stress from the intense winter/spring training we rewarded our lifters with an old-fashioned British Sports Day. Games included 3-legged race, egg and spoon race, sack race and an immense game of ‘Fill the Bucket’.

Two teams went head-to-head for the trophy but only one could be triumphant. Team One was headed by Matt with team mates Josh, Dee, Shaun and Stuart, while Team Two was led by Chee with team mates Michaela, Mel, Luke and Adam.

Team One led in the points table for the first half of the day but Team Two were close on their heels. They were neck and neck up until almost the last minute when Team One hit disaster in the ‘Fill the Bucket’ race with Dee slipping and knocking the bucket over spilling all of the water!

Ultimately it all came down to the Tug of War. With Team Two lacking one player, Coach LD and Coach Laurence joined a team each to try and even things out but it was the surprise appearance of Attila who joined Team Two that really shook things up. Both teams battled hard but it was Team Two that ultimately won the day! Well done to all involved and big thanks to Jade for organising the event.

Same time next year?




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