“I started coming to sessions because I wanted to gain core strength and I’ve found it to not only help with that but also improve my overall strength & fitness whilst learning technique!”


” Why I joined –  I found your website on BWL and then found your Facebook page. Looking through the page you guys looked like a really friendly and tight knit  bunch, so as someone keen to learn weightlifting I decided to join up!
What I’ve learnt – it’s never too late to start something new. Also weightlifting is a fun and rewarding sport, but also very technical and demanding!
Why i like it –  the coaching and support is second to none. The club focuses on technique and safety; without these things I wouldn’t feel confident enough to keep improving myself and to go for personal bests. I am also thankful Lawrence is there to support me after any session. And the Taylor Swift tunes.”


“I joined West London lifters after having a year of prior experience with weightlifting, but I learnt and pushed myself so much more in their environment that I had ever done in my previous year. The environment and the people are the best part of the club, the coach is great as well giving really direct guidance and a wealth of experience! Although I’m no longer there I will definitely miss everyone, as you are made to feel like part of a family”
– Connor


“I got hooked on Olympic lifting after watching it during the 2016 Olympics. After getting back from uni in 2017 I looked for local clubs and WLL was my best choice. After an initial check of mobility and strength and 5 beginners lessons, coach sorted out a workout programme tailored to learning the lifts but still particular to me. After learning that I had a knee injury, she them changed my programme to strengthen the muscles around my knee so that I wouldn’t have to stop lifting completely and I could keep fit. Coach and the whole group are so inviting and friendly, and even though I haven’t been able to start lifting yet, they’re very understanding and accommodating. Coach herself is no-nonsense kind of individual. She’s strict even with beginners, but fair and guides us perfectly. I’m really happy to have met with and be training with the WLL team.”
– Eric